For those who have read my blog post in which I rate how much I like the different series books, I give the Ruth Fielding series a 3. This means that I feel that it is a very good series and worth reading. Many serious booksellers use the definition of rare that means that a rare book is one in which no more than ten copies remain in existence. If a book is rare, say so - but if theres the slightest chance that someone will come along and prove that more than ten copies still exist, dont lump yourself in with the thousands of people on the internet who are selling books by misrepresentation and chicanery by using the word. As far as anyone knows, there are likely fewer than 10 existing dust jackets of each of the first printings of the first three Nancy Drew books. The only Nancy Drew books that may actually fit the correct definition of rare are the three breeder set Nancy Drew books with intact dust jackets. Not only are the dust jackets boring, but the titles are boring as well. Lets discuss one of my favorite scarce-but-not-RARE books, the 2nd art dust jacket edition of The Message in the Hollow Oak. So, the 2nd art dust jacket of Hollow Oak is not so RARE after all. The Ruth Fielding books were apparently a bestseller during their run, but if the books would have had beautifully painted individual cover art like the Nancy Drew books, the series may not have gone out of print during the early 1930s. Perhaps Ruth Fielding would have had the same staying power as Nancy Drew. Role Playing Games were down 12% as D&D 5 wasnt nearly as new and fancy as it was in 2014 and Pathfinder began to run out of steam. If not for the people buying to resell, the values of the more commonplace Nancy Drew books would have collapsed down to nothing. While most of the older dust-jacketed Nancy Drew books have collapsed in value, the printings from the early 1930s have exploded in value, in some cases far exceeding what the books have ever sold for in the past. Many people have wondered why the Nancy Drew series has had a success that has far exceeded any of the other Stratemeyer Syndicate books. The last seven Ruth Fielding books are in every way comparable to the early Nancy Drew books, so I feel that the packaging of the Ruth Fielding series is a factor in why it did not last. Those early Christopher Pike books also hold a special place in my heart. I wanted to keep a few special pieces with particular sentimental meaning and to record the whole collection before finding a new home for some or all of it. Papa and daughter should be home by Saturday so we only have a few more days to bless them with our gifts of love. Im also in love with Master Chef Junior. I am sure that I will be reminded of Alan Greenspans comment on irrational exuberance in markets, but few remember that the comment was not made in 1999 or 2000, at the peak of the boom but in 1996. Investors who listened to Greenspan and got out of the market then would have been net losers even a year after the crash. There were a few books that dragged for me, but the good books far outnumber the lackluster ones. There have been quite a few cases in which buyers have asked me questions about my listings, and I can tell that they are asking because they no longer trust sellers. Most buyers would rather purchase a well-described book, so they do not buy from the sellers who found something in the attic and toss it on eBay with no description. Frequently, sellers on eBay swipe images from various websites in an attempt to spiffy up their listings. When one of us misrepresents a book all will eventually suffer as the buyers will begin to harbor distrust for all sellers. Anger enough sellers and the business dries up.
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