Blog Feed en Thu, 02 Feb 2017 20:22 CET is a Life is Feudal servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Life is Feudal Version Thu, 02 Feb 2017 20:22 CET
New features and tweaks:
  • 64 bit client and server applications released
  • Recipes: Furnace, Big cauldron, Kiln, Tiny Shack, Plaster Tiny Shack, Sign moved from Mat. prep to Construction
  • Recipes: Quern-stone, Potter's wheel moved from Mat. prep to Carpentry
  • Removed ability ‘Create’(id=101)
  • Corrected tabs in building list
  • Recipes: Floor lamp, Archery target, Training dummy, Drying frame, Wine press, Loom, Plough, Tanning Tub moved from Construction to Carpentry
  • Recipes: Stone Stair, Beveled Stone Stair moved from Construction to Masonry
  • Palisade Wall required Construction=20 (instead of 60)
  • Wooden Wall required Construction=30 (instead of 65)
  • Small Stable required Construction=60 (instead of 90)
  • Stone Wall required Masonry=0 (instead of 30)
  • Other minor recipes changes
  • Fixed pike and lances combat technique that allowed to swing pike/lance sidewards while performing a thrusting attack to receive an inadequate amount of speed bonus
  • Included some render optimizations
  • Hunger meter is set to 100 after respawn now
  • ‘Dry a Hide’ ability moved from 60 to 30 skill
  • ‘Use Tanning Tub’ ability moved from 60 to 0
  • ‘Pick Up’ ability moved from 60 to 0
  • ‘Pick up a Hide’ ability moved from 60 to 30
  • ‘Hank of wool’ and ‘Wool cloth’ recipes moved from 30 to 60
  • ‘Thick dried hide’ and ‘Thin dried hide’ recipes moved from 60 to 30

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a container renaming issue that caused all other containers to have the same name as a renamed one
  • You can sit on a chair inside buildings now
  • Movable objects do not disappear anymore if the unfinished unmovable object was deconstructed in the same cell
  • Normalized the video intro sound volume
  • Fixed a black screen bug that caused loading problems on some hardware specs
  • Water plane no longer moves with a mounted player’s camera mode. You will not see water changing angles when the player is mounted on a hind legged horse.
  • Fixed particle lighting issues
  • Fixed some issues with Invulnerability effect mechanics
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks that have caused unstable behavior of the application
Life is Feudal Version Sun, 21 Feb 2016 15:02 CET

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Added visible changes for all four in-game seasons 
  • Added many decorative objects that can be used to increase the beauty of your settlement 
  • Added a herbal garden, which can be used to grow certain types of herbs 
  • Implemented auto-repeat functionality in most crafting abilities. You can modify a certain tag (autocraft - possible/always/none) in skill_types.xml 
  • Provided more rendering optimization (mostly forest related) 
  • Added more visually appealing wind effects on trees 
  • You can unequip an item with a double click 
  • Tweaked the amount of white meat gained from rabbits and chicken 
  • Updated multiple architecture models (Kitchen, Carpenter’s Shop, Warehouse etc.) 
  • You can now move items quickly in Alchemy window via Ctrl+Click 
  • Minor weapons tweaks

Bug fixes:
  • Particles now use GPU instead of CPU. This should provide a significant boost of frame rates in most cases 
  • Significantly optimized horse collision detection model. This should provide a significant performance boost on servers and clients 
  • Fixed tunnel materials generation bug 
  • Fixed tunnel selection functionality (when holding Right Mouse button and targeting a tunnel wall) 
  • Object demolition that results in ruins should no longer significantly freeze a server 
  • Horse movement should look smooth now 
  • Piercing bolt ability does no longer allow to shoot through obstacles 
  • Volley ability AoE area is now correctly displayed (arrows will actually hit that area now) 
  • Fixed alchemy achievement (Herbalist-Chemist) incorrect calculations. Players are able to properly unlock that achievement now 
  • Multiple GUI fixes 
  • Fixed inventory icon positions being shifted in certain conditions 
  • A proper message will appear if you don’t have enough arrows while triggering Volley ability 
  • Weight limit no longer applies on players in GM mode 
  • An unfinished Monument will no longer decay at a fast rate
No More Illegal Server Wed, 25 Nov 2015 21:29 CET
But we have been maybe too much tolerant in our moderation job. We will now try to make a better job at keeping our server list clean from illegal content.

User have now until 29th November to remove illegal server from our website and any links to website containing link for illegal version of Life is Feudal.

We also invite user to report any illegal server that we are not aware of.

Thank you for your understanding.]]>
Life is Feudal Release Tue, 17 Nov 2015 23:27 CET
To celebrate this, the game is 40% off until 20 November.

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Life is Feudal Version Thu, 15 Oct 2015 16:34 CEST

Patch notes:

New features and tweaks:
  • Implemented “disconnect” button, that allows you to disconnect from a certain server in order to connect to another 
  • Resources that grow on trees (branches, apples, bark etc.) are now properly replenished every game day 
  • Quality growth while breeding animals is reduced
Bug fixes:
  • Significantly reduced visual movement lag of other players and animals 
  • Fixed local server start sequence with specified password or custom port. 
  • Added some additional logging to local server start process in order to fix issues that prevent some players to start a local world properly 
  • Guild members’ personal claims can now be overridden by a Guild Leader, if claimed objects are on the claimed land 
  • Cocktails and preparations can now be properly traded via barter dialogue without losing their effects 
  • Fixed cow/bull ratio while breeding them in stables 
  • Fixed blessings to work properly now 
  • Using a lance in combat will raise the Lancing skill now, instead of Mounted Fighting Mastery 
  • Equip maintain ability now works on throwing weapons 
  • Debug render is now allowed only for GMs 
  • Volley stamina drain fixed 
  • You can now fertilize soil tiles up to 100Q with 100Q Dung 
  • You will now receive alert messages while trespassing on a mount 
  • Kiln Bellows can now be blown by anyone 
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to raise Warhorse handling without spending anything 
  • Fixed bug that provided a pupil with a skill when mentor had a lower amount of that skill himself 
  • Fixed orange angel wings (2 saws with orange texture equipped on the back) 
  • Diagonal walls blocked tiles pattern changed (removed unnecessary blocked tile)

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Life is Feudal Version Tue, 06 Oct 2015 23:50 CEST
We have completely reworked the mechanism of local world creation and hosting. You should not notice much of a difference, but, hopefully, there will be more stability while performing the task. 
Thanks to significant help from BasilMod’s author, we have included a barter system (player to player) into our official build. 
We had also SIGNIFICANTLY reworked skill progression formula towards planned concept of fast 30, 60 lvl progression, normal 90 lvl progression and INSANELY hard progression to 100 lvl of a skill. Make sure that you have altered your server skill multipliers accordingly. Enjoy! 

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Reworked local server start mechanism completely. You should encounter minimal problems if any at all while performing this action. If you still experience problems while starting local world, please do not hesitate to send a report, when you’re prompted to do so. 
  • Implemented a player to player direct trading(barter) system. Kudos to Basil! 
  • Boosted armor to be more effective against certain types of damage and be slightly more vulnerable against other types 
  • First and 3rd person view cameras should act properly now and avoid “inside mesh” rendering 
  • Reworked the skill progression formula towards planned concept of fast 30, 60 lvl progression, normal 90 lvl progression and INSANELY hard progression to 100 lvl of a skill. We will observe your feedback along with server side logs to tune that formula more precisely at a later stage 
  • Many melee weapons have been rebalanced 
  • Poisons and poisoned weapons nerfed significantly 
  • Empty bottles should stay in your Inventory after drinking a cocktail 
  • ‘Pour on the ground’ can now be done without a shovel, but it will take 50% more time 
  • Amount of crop yields has been doubled 
  • Added straw as an edible food in stables, removed taproot as an edible in stables. Lowered the amount of apples on trees. Added some new random player spawn points to decrease the possibility of spawning in the same spot. 
  • Non-tunneling terraforming actions are now available on claims during JH 
  • Create campfire - Create camp, ability renamed, new possibilities added 
  • Updated probability of finding wild plants 
  • Decreased growth of oak and pine trees 
  • Lowered probability of snares catching hares and grouses. We plan to fix/boost in coop breeding speed of rabbits and chickens to compensate that. 
Bug fixes:
  • Ranged weaponry now properly loses durability in combat 
  • You should no longer be able to shoot through thin walls and that also should fix pike attack damage detection 
  • maxHeight for movable objects now works properly inside houses and other buildings 
  • Hand of Boris and Hand of Ilias should no longer appear in your inventory while increasing/decreasing Unarmed Mastery skill 
  • You can interact with dead animals on the shore now 
  • You can no longer bless yourself 
  • Localized voice over sounds should work properly now 
  • Ranged weapons now drain stamina properly 
  • Multiple shield blocking related fixes 
  • Torches now deal damage to claimed buildings inside claims, while JH is active 
  • Added short timeouts to most actions, to avoid spamming on server side and other clients 
  • You can no longer shoot, if you don’t have ammo 
  • Gamepad developer binds were removed 
  • Character health is no longer 100/100 when connecting and should show a correct values

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Life is Feudal Version Thu, 20 Aug 2015 23:40 CEST
While we are developing multiple major features like Special attacks, the new GUI, new tunneling system, full DX11 support and so on, we must not forget about smaller - yet still important - features. Some of those features are implemented in this current patch, along with some bug and crash fixes. 
We would also like to mention that a serious bug has appeared in a recent patch, that we still can’t properly locate and fix . If you have any additional info about that bug, please, let us know via a comment on that page. 

Patch notes (ver.

New features:
  • Mentoring for crafting skills and Drill for combat skills are implemented. You need to build a school that will allow one teacher to mentor/drill up to 5 students per in game day 
  • Implemented all mounted and verus mounted abilities and functionality. Inspect your Skill book for details and corresponding abilities 
  • Implemented “Coup de Grace” ability to finish off unconscious players 
  • Implemented a proper repair ability for inventory objects (weapons, armor, tools). It demands some repair kits, but does not lower Maximum Durability that much 
  • Tweaked building abilities, so you can initiate construction on a wider variety of ground types (paved road, rock fragments etc.) 
  • Implemented “Set Up” ability in the Combat Preparations skill. It allows you to place Defensive anti-cavalry fences before a fight. Galloping horses will be heavily damaged or killed if they hit this spiked fence. 
  • Tweaked “Coward!” warcry. It no longer causes a knockdown (only stagger), chance of occurrence is lowered, penalty for shooting accuracy of a victim increased. 
  • Wild animals are now spawned according to their biomes (wild horses on grasslands, predators in woods etc.) 
  • Implemented a proper “Remove Ruins”, which will allow you to remove ruins faster and salvage some materials out of them 
  • Added some sounds for different ingame events 
  • Corrected all in game messages according to proper English language rules
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a serious GUI bug when closing dialog message with the [x] button that prevented the appearance of new dialog messages 
  • Fixed some bugged house and wicket models that prevented you from entering 
  • Multiple client side crashes fixed 
  • Wild animals should no longer be spawned in or run too deep into water 
  • Lowering Voice chat volume should no longer lower volume of in game sounds (footsteps, animals etc.) 
  • Fixed AZERTY keyboard related bug with inability to rebind some key bindings 
  • Fixed an issue with some Yes/No messages and localization 
  • Fixed some GUI window related bugs that prevented them from being properly closed 
  • Fixed beehive related bugs and minor exploits

Source :]]>
Life is Feudal Version Wed, 01 Jul 2015 22:06 CEST
Dear Players! Efforts of our development and art teams have resulted in long work days with a strong focus on new player models, DX11 implementation and seamless integration of all of that into LiF. You can see a small glimpse of what's coming in our E3 trailer. Together with continuing bug-hunts, overall fixes and tweaks to gameplay mechanics it takes a lot of time. That unfortunately has postponed character customization and female models in our game. :( We know that a huge part of our community, especially the female players are waiting for it desperately. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will do everything possible to put female models in the game ASAP! 

Nevertheless, now we almost have properly implemented mounted combat mechanics with lancing and a HUGE amount of different bugs and crash fixes in this patch! You are definitely going to like it! 

Patch notes (ver.

New features:
  • Mounted combat is implemented. You can use any one handed or Hand-and-a-half weaponry while mounted to slash your foes! 
  • Lancing is implemented. Lance is the only two handed weapon that can be used while mounted. In order to properly use your lance, you have to coach it by reaching a galloping speed of your horse and holding the Attack button (Left Mouse Button by default). Make sure to release your attack button just before an impact of your lance with your enemy to actually couch it with a full force for a short period of time. 
  • Pike and polearm weapons now have more stopping power vs mounted players forcing their horses rear on their hind legs. That can cause a forced dismount of a rider 
  • Added tooltips for abilities in the Skill book and Hotbar 
  • Unarmed combat mode is activated instantly after depleting all throwable weapons ammo 
  • Ctrl+click in inventory will transfer a targeted item in your previously opened container. For instance, open your Inventory, open your warehouse, Ctrl + click a couple of items in the warehouse - and they will be moved to your inventory. No drag’n’drop is required. We will disable that functionality for loot bags and gravestones in next patches in order to make combat looting and quick loot longer and harder. 
  • Alt+click on an item in container will autostack all similar items into one pile only inside that container 
  • Player velocity is now taken in account for throwing and ranged weaponry. For instance Javelin will fly further if you run forward while throwing it 
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a client side crash that prevented users from training warhorses 
  • Visible terrain seams should no longer be that visible anymore 
  • Knocked down characters now drop movable objects that they were carrying on their backs 
  • Inventory and Character GUI windows are now properly updated if any values are dynamically changed during gameplay 
  • Health and Stamina rates of players that you are inviting to a unit are not visible anymore, until they actually accept that invitation 
  • Watching someone attacking shortly after drawing weapon now doesn't result in playing a bunch of draw animations 
  • Sounds should no longer loop infinitely at random places 
  • Fixed and added a couple of sounds for different action 
  • Fixed incorrect doubling of weight, when moving whole containers (bag, sack, pouch etc.) in inventory 
  • Fixed a bug when you could parry with ranged weapons 
  • Some more minor bug fixes 
  • Fixed some serious client side crashes 

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Life is Feudal Version Fri, 12 Jun 2015 00:40 CEST
This patch is mostly devoted to fixing several old and new bugs in Life is Feudal. We have also implemented collision detection of your hands with your victim - so if you swing your two-handed sword against your enemy at a point blank range, you will hit them slightly with your hands, rather than missing completely and performing a full swing into nothing. Clinching some two-handed weaponry is a more viable tactic now ;) 

Patch notes (ver. 

New features:
  • Added player arm hit detection system that works while performing swings with any weapons 
  • Added beehives mechanics. Honey can now be extracted from beehives every morning. More about beehives: 
  • Implemented mead alcohol production 
  • Repair ability no longer decreases Maximum durability of buildings and objects 
  • Any 2 handed pole weapon can now be disarmed with unarmed combat 
  • Changed camera behavior on horses, on foot and in “overlook mode” (hold V) 
Bug fixes:
  • Provided a fix for random crashes while connecting and loading other worlds 
  • Fixed bleeding wounds blood loss speed to more adequate levels 
  • Horses should properly execute walking and running animations now 
  • Fixed client crash related with invitation to guild 
  • Horse sounds should no longer loop after its death

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Life is Feudal Version Fri, 05 Jun 2015 15:56 CEST
Dear players! According to your responses votes[] we are releasing a slightly unfinished version of basic horse mechanics. They are stable and you should not have any serious issues with them - still, it is Early Alpha after all, so be prepared for anything. We have warned you! 

Along with horses, we are presenting alcohol brewing (mead and honey making will be introduced later). Alcohol is a necessary ingredient in alchemy and excessive use of spiced alcohol will result in certain effects for your character ;) We all know that a large amount of alcohol might lead to some bar brawls, that is why we have implemented unarmed combat: a good way to solve your disputes without killing someone accidentally! 

Alchemy potions are now in fact alcoholic cocktails, which can provide you with a set of positive or negative effects. These can also be used to poison melee weapons! 

Jewelry now provides you with an increased “Luck” effect, and affects almost EVERY action that you perform in your world. Now is a good time for you to level up your Jewelsmith skill! 

Oh, and we have a weeklong -40% discount for our game. This could be the last chance to get a HUGE discount on our game before we have our full release launch. Make sure to let your friends know! 

Patch notes (ver. 
    New features:
  • Horses mechanics are partially released. You can tame and breed horses and use a new building to train them into warhorses for riding 
  • Unarmed combat is implemented. It is available for everyone, but it can only be somewhat effective with a high level of Unarmed skill. Disarming of polearm weapons with unarmed parrying has been implemented 
  • Alcohol brewing crafting chain is implemented. Look out for new Brewing tank object in your construction menu 
  • The wine press can now be used to squash apples and grapes to produce raw materials for a Brewing Tank 
  • The cooking pot can be used to produce malt for further beer brewing in a Brewing tank 
  • You need any bottle of alcohol now to finish creation of your alchemy potion. Alchemy potions are now called “cocktails” 
  • Cocktails (ex. potions) will now give positive or negative effects upon drinking and can be used to poison your melee weapons 
  • Placeholder alcohol intoxication (“Full”) visual effect implemented 
  • Some crafting outfits now provide a significant bonus to several crafting skill values 
  • Luck now can be increased by wearing jewelry. Luck affects almost all crafting and combat abilities and actions now 
  • Tamable wild horses now appear in the wilderness 
    Bug fixes: 
  • Fixed a recent bug with some terrain textures appearing black and some fields becoming paved roads and vice versa. Server maintenance must be performed to have these textures fixed 
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to stack unit formation bonuses that resulted in an imbalanced amount of positive effects 
  • Fixed camera bobbing in some cases, especially during melee combat 
  • Fixed some cases where you were unable to see the blocking/parrying animation of your enemy properly 
  • Numerous minor fixes

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Life is Feudal Version Sat, 23 May 2015 16:10 CEST
After countless hours of development and QA testing we have finally achieved a stable and fast patching system for LiF:YO. You should notice significant decrease in time when connecting to heavily terraformed worlds. We have extensively tested this system internally, but there will always be rare bugs that slip past the team. We will be glad for any feedback, thank you! 
Keep in mind that at least one ingame midnight maintenance should pass in your world in order for our patching system to kick in. 

Along with this long awaited functionality we have also implemented explosive naphtha in our game. So you can create special naphtha grenades to throw at your enemies or load bigger naphtha barrels to mop up larger areas ;) Keep in mind, that our explosion tracks all fragment trajectories, so it is quite easy to hide from the explosions behind bigger trees, walls and trenches! 

Patch notes (ver. 
  • Implemented a proper (proper for LiF:YO scale) patching system. Client loading times should decrease significantly, and rely more now on internet connection speed 
  • Implemented an accurate naphtha explosion physics model. Multiple fragments can hit multiple body parts, depending on proximity to the epicenter of explosion and cover that might block shrapnel 
  • Shields should now properly absorb damage and crack faster under axe-like weapon blows 
  • Active blocking and parrying should properly slow the player now 
  • Pounce (jump on shield) can now be activated only if you are wielding 2-handed axes or polearms 
  • Implemented proper stamina consumption for shield bash, parry and blocking 
  • Shield bash can now be performed only with Shield Mastery lvl 60 and higher 
  • Shield bash now prevents character from moving, can not be performed while jumping 
  • Some minor fixes for the trebuchet interface and operation 
  • All crafting activities drop their results on the floor if your character is overburdened, instead of consuming resources and producing nothing 
  • Wild hares and domesticated rabbits now drop proper amounts of ingredients upon being slaughtered 
  • You can no longer heal already dead characters ;) 
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally removed some tree collisions 
  • Fixed the scale of some arrows and throwable projectiles 
  • Numerous other minor bugfixes

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Life is Feudal Version Fri, 01 May 2015 15:21 CEST Life is Feudal : Your Own has been updated to version on Steam.

Dear players! Unfortunately this April patch does not contain all of the initially planned features. We have had to postpone the World loading optimizations feature because it affects very sensitive core program mechanics and we want to spend more time on polishing and testing. 

On the brighter side, throwing weaponry and trebuchets are here! Later in May we plan to implement explosive naphtha grenades and explosive trebuchet charges - our first AoE (Area of Effect) weapons! 

Patch notes (ver. 

  • Implemented the first siege weapon - Trebuchet. Make sure you have at least 50 Intelligence in order to use it effectively ;) You can read more about its mechanics on our Wiki[] 
  • Implemented throwing weapons: knives, axes and javelins. 
  • Bugfix: Mallet now loses durability while being used for pavement 
  • Bugfix: All crafting devices are now properly damaged while using them 
  • Bugfix: Smelting steel without a crucible and tongs is no longer allowed 
  • Bugfix: Crafting of Metal Bands should no longer consume metal if you don’t have a blacksmith’s Hammer equipped 
  • Bugfix: “Melt” and “Recycle” buttons are only active when there is something to melt or recycle 
  • Bugfix: Wild animal skinning ingredients are no longer capped at 50 Quality 
  • Bugfix: All crafting results are now capped by a Real skill Value of a corresponding crafting skill 
  • Bugfix: Already completed objects no longer use their contents if completed again in GM mode

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Life is Feudal Version Wed, 01 Apr 2015 16:34 CEST
After thousands of man hours and gallons of coffee we have finally achieved a MAJORbreakthrough in our graphics engine. We are proud to introduce an Improved Graphics Mode © ! Due to its experimental nature, you need to activate it manually by pressing Alt + "i" on your keyboard. 

Patch notes: 
  • Implemented Improved Graphics Mode © 
  • Fixed a bug with maintenance not occurring in certain conditions (trees and crops do not grow etc.) 
  • You can use kiln bellows without a Smelting skill now 
  • Traps and Snares are fixed and should work properly now and not decay too quick 
  • You can now select objects that lie in shallow water 
  • Alignment loss for same guild/group members should no longer occur 
  • Other minor bug fixes 

Source :]]>
Life is Feudal Version Fri, 27 Mar 2015 21:48 CET
Judgment Hour is a new setting available for your Worlds. You can set a starting and ending time and a weekly schedule of Judgment Hour in real life hours. While Judgement Hour is active ALL alignment penalties will not be active and claims protection is void. That is time for you to wage war with someone without fear of lowered alignment consequences. Otherwise, killing a member of any other guild will sacrifice some points towards progress of your own guild monument! 

Next month we plan to provide you with basic siege weapons, so Judgment hour will be your time to break into someone’s settlement or protect yours from others breaking in. 

Patch notes (ver. 
  • Implemented Judgment Hour gameplay feature. Do not forget to adjust its schedule on private servers and ask your server admins to do that on a dedicated ones 
  • Made a major particle system rework. In current and following patches you will notice more adequate particle effects in our game (fire, smoke, blood etc) 
  • You can now grind in our game :) ! Quern-stone is now working and should be used as a tool to grind wheat into flour. Windmill with advanced mass grinding mechanics will be implemented later 
  • Slightly shifted camera position in War Mode. We will provide a more user friendly camera behaviour in one of the next patches 
  • Optimized network code - effect will be hardly noticeable, unless you try to gather a crowd of players 
  • Added voice chat indicator. You can move it or close it while in Interface editing mode (F10) 
  • Added Shadow distance video setting. You might want to tune it down to reduce “morning lag” that is caused by long shadow render. Shadow mechanics will be fixed in one of the following patches 
  • Added a button in your settings that will reset all “Don't pop up those messages” flags on your client 
  • Fixed private claim of objects (timer) that worked improperly under some circumstances 
  • Fixed multiple issues that appeared after a player in GM mode entered and left camera mode. (Still GM Mode is not really safe for all in game interactions.) Use it only when you actually need to do something godly and then turn it off for your and your world safety! 
  • Fixed a server crash, when you are kicking an offline guild member from a guild 
  • Fixed some damaged state assets 
  • Fixed map dialogue buttons 
  • Multiple minor bug and crash fixes

Source :]]>
Life is Feudal Version Fri, 13 Mar 2015 23:26 CET
This current patch is dedicated to providing more fixes to our claims system and to client side performance in general. We have also implemented a Repair Ability, so you can now repair damaged structures and objects with different sized Repair Kits. 

Patch notes (ver. 
  • Implemented a Repair Ability. Repair Kits of all sizes can now be crafted by anyone with Construction materials preparation skill. 
  • Optimized claims calculation code. There should be less freezes now during claims recalculation 
  • Added damaged models to different objects and buildings. Most of these models are not final! 
  • Significantly lowered base decay rate for all objects 
  • Fixed a serious bug that caused some objects to disappear in certain circumstances 
  • Fixed and optimized network code 
  • You can now Inspect objects to learn about their durability data 
  • You can no longer use trash items and soil for sacrificing. They will not provide sacrifice points 
  • Fixed multiple monuments and guild-related minor bugs 
  • Guild member limit now works properly 
  • GM mode camera speed is no longer the same for all GMs

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Life is Feudal Version Sun, 01 Mar 2015 13:55 CET Life is Feudal : Your Own has been updated to version on Steam with guilds and their claims.

We are glad that we have finally achieved a rather stable implementation of the guilds and claims system! From now on, you will be able to build, and later upgrade, a special monument, which will create your guild and will claim an area around it to protect anything that is built there from EVERYONE except members of that guild. 

To learn more about claims mechanics, we suggest you to take a look at the updated wiki page here: 

The decay system has been improved to take claims into account. If your building is FULLYcovered by your guilds claim, it will be completely protected from decay. However, if ANY of the building cells are outside the claim, your building will start to decay and eventually will disappear in 2-3 in-game days. However, decay rate setting is set to 0 (no decay) by default on all servers, so it is up to you to change it or not. 

Nightime should be a BIT more comfortable since you can properly equip a torch now and even fight with it. In one of the following patches we will teach wild animals to be afraid of fire and run away. 

P.S. We RECOMMEND to server owners to wipe your servers. It is NOT required, but recommended, since gameplay has changed significantly with guilds and claims mechanics and a fresh start will take those changes into account.

Patch notes (ver.
  • Added guilds, guild claims and guild monuments management mechanics 
  • Added “Trespassers!” ability, which will allow you to spot trespassers on your guild claim, thus marking them as criminals 
  • Added a new server setting, which changes rate of object decay outside of claims (0 by default) 
  • Added an equippable torch as a source of light and an improvised weak weapon 
  • Fixed a nasty exploit, where you could pass thin walls and doors with certain conditions 
  • Fixed randomly occurring weird animation twists and bugs 
  • Fixed some client crashes 
  • Numerous client side bug fixes 
  • Updated flax stem-fibers conversion. Flax production should not be so tedious now.

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Life is Feudal Version Fri, 30 Jan 2015 00:46 CET
Dear players! Sorry for the long patch delay. We are mostly consumed with bug fixes and the new claims system development along with all the PAXSouth-related rush. But we are working hard to stay true to our Roadmap and provide you with gameplay updates along with bug fixes and optimizations in a timely manner! 

P.S Roadmap updated. 
Patch notes: 
  • Small pits that are dug on terrain surfaces will mend back into a smooth terrain after 1 in game day. That is our first step towards a proper decay system and countermeasure against griefers that have dug random pits inside your castle to prevent further building 
  • Implemented untrained weapon usage. If your weapon skill is lower than 30, your attacks will be 2 times slower and will inflict less damage because of that 
  • Fixed a notorious rendering bug, when paved roads and some crop fields were rendered in black in a certain circumstances 
  • Some bag recipes are fixed and should work properly now 
  • Fixed numerous minor bugs and provided some optimizations 

Source :

Life is Feudal Version Tue, 30 Dec 2014 02:10 CET
In our last patch of 2014, we have some more render optimizations, and the emote system, providing more ways to express yourself and beautify the harsh medieval world around you.

Patch notes (ver.
  • Added dozen of emotional animations to help you to better express yourself. You can find those emote abilities in a Skill Book (L) in a General Actions skills tab. Just drag them on your hotbar and use according to your gameplay situation :)
  • Wild animals should now renew their population each gameplay night
  • New ability, ‘Create Jewelry’ has been added. You can now craft different pieces of jewelry. Currently there is no effect from wearing jewelry, but in some of the following patches we will implement a Luck bonus from jewelry that will affect almost all peaceful and combat actions that your character is performing
  • New ability, ‘Create Decorations’ has been added. You can craft some animal trophies and paintings to decorate your medieval dwelling
  • Chances of finding gems and mineral catalysts while digging tunnels has been increased
  • Updated and corrected a few models to improve their beauty and correct some rendering bugs they had
  • Fixed a lot of objects so they can be carried in a more appropriate way (instead of carrying a table on the top of your head)
  • Fixed few more client side crashes

Source :]]>
Life is Feudal Version Tue, 16 Dec 2014 16:49 CET
We have implemented a proper bags system that will allow you to sort your stuff in your inventory or inside your warehouses. For additional ease of sorting you can now name your bags. 
Some additional bugfixes and optimizations and minor fixes are also included in this patch. 
P.S. We have finished software design and started actual implementation of a guild system for LiF:YO - stay tuned ;) 
Patch notes (ver. 

  • Backpack, bag, sack, pouch containers can now be crafted by tailors and can be renamed (while inside of your inventory) to ease sorting of items. 
  • Fixed video settings dialogue and tweaked video settings to fix invisible trees and objects issues on some rare PC specs 
  • Added new fortification modules for stone walls 
  • Warehouses now have a proper doors that can be opened or closed 
  • Reworked some fortifications models to minimize /stuck exploit chances 
  • Made some rendering optimizations that should increase rendering performance slightly 
  • Provided some crash fixes on a client side 
  • Projectiles do not collide with water surface now and sink properly

LiF Servers :

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Life is Feudal Version Wed, 26 Nov 2014 21:12 CET
Patch notes (ver. 
  • Implemented a bigger variety of wild animals. A friendly hint: do not try to scratch a wild bear with a primitive axe ;) 
  • Most of the wild animals can be tamed and domesticated for further breeding in your stables and barns 
  • Implemented wheeled transportation to move a larger amount of stuff around the world. Wheelbarrows and carts are now working! 
  • Tweaked a lot of weapons parameters. Weapons have become more lethal now 
  • Reworked most of the wild animals sounds 
  • Wild animals should no longer make double attack hits 
  • Sloped wall sections can now be constructed without GM mode 
  • Fixed some client side crashes 
  • Some minor client side optimizations

LiF Servers :

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Life is Feudal Version Tue, 18 Nov 2014 17:01 CET
Patch notes:
  • Several quickfixes (observer mode, loot drop and selection of objects)
  • Reworked the context menu a bit and added ability sorting
  • Some minor client side optimizations

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Life is Feudal Version Sat, 15 Nov 2014 01:40 CET
Patch notes:
  • Basic decay system is now in place! Gravestones, lootbags, dropped items, animal corpses will disappear in a few game days.We have warned you! Time to build some proper storage facilities and containers to store your stuff in!
  • Made some render side optimizations that should increase your FPS in most gameplay situations. Some texture flickering on distant objects is possible and will be fixed in following patches.
  • Tweaked some container sizes to be more useful.
  • Beautified and reworked some fortifications to disable the possibility of /stuck respawning on top of them. We are still working on a proper solution to avoid /stuck or respawn exploits.
  • Lowered Pounce upforce. It can no longer be used to jump over fortifications.
  • Equipped items will auto-unequip now if required skill has lowered below requirements.
  • Forest midnight growth optimized. That should reduce or eliminate “midnight lag” on some or most of the servers.
  • You can no longer kick or ban yourself while in GM mode Fixed cooking recipes to be available on lower Cooking levels.
  • Fixed some cooking recipes to be more logical.
  • Lamp post fire and light positions fixed
  • Added some more debug info to hunt down more client side crashes
  • Numerous client and server side crash fixes provided
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Life is Feudal Version Fri, 31 Oct 2014 16:10 CET
  • You can use Drop ability inside houses and inside tunnels now
  • Fixed few errors that prevented local private servers from starting in some cases
  • Unstuck positioning and algorithm is changed. It can no longer be used to bypass walls and fortifications
  • Tweaked hunger system a little. Primitive food should no longer provide a good nutrition.
  • Idling characters slowly lose hunger rate now.
  • Default setting for objects claims timeout is now 48 hours
  • Fixed crossbows reload bug Corpses and graves can no longer be used as storage - you can not place anything in them
  • Fixed trees rotation, placement and scale algorithms. Same tree types, that were planted nearby, should not look like completely identical clones any more. There should be no giant trees or tree stumps any more
  • Significantly lowered bleeding rates
  • Tweaked and corrected UI in some places
  • Reworked and tweaked some 2D and 3D art assets, added missing item icons
  • A lot of inventory and ranged combat bugs fixes. There should be no floating “killer bolts” anymore
  • Numerous other bug and crash fixes

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