[EU] CLAYMORE SAGA [PvP] fastAction|TP|OffRaidProtect|Kit

[EU] CLAYMORE SAGA [PvP] fastAction|TP|OffRaidProtect|Kit
Hostname [EU] CLAYMORE SAGA [PvP] fastAction|TP|OffRaidProtect|Kit
Status Checked 2 minutes ago
Players 6 / 64
Location Germany
Platform Windows
Registered by White8ty6
Registered since November 20th, 2021 04:30 AM EST
Last update November 20th, 2021 05:04 AM EST

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Concept of Server

Focus is on small scale PvP. The map is divided into 4 kingdoms ( green, blue, yellow, purple). These kingdoms are at war.
We want also fights outside of JH. Players of one kingdom can team up tp to have decent numbers to fight each other, especially on
non prime-time.

The center island (Castle Claymore) is an event area. No PvP allowed here. There will be an arena, jousting field. healspot etc...(still under construction) We will expand this area in the future. No wipe planed.

On the three islands around the center island there are trading posts and outposts which can be captured during JH.

Admins will NOT assists with ingame issues (stucked horse or carts, wrong placed buildings, etc...). Admins just manage the server!
We want to focus on a smooth running server.

Now choose your Kingdom and fight for glory!

- focus on PvP!
- offline Raidprotection
- Believer`s Tools Starterkit
- actions are faster and have less stamina cost
- higher amount of gatherables (herbs, materials)
- higher chance to get regional resources
- no quality discrease of soil from gathering herbs,materials
- average tree quality is higher, trees grow faster
- double amount of iron ingots, simple cloth/ropes, hide, bone glue and shaped rocks
- horses/cows spawn instead of hare/grouse
- Healing Spot @ Center island (Off during JH )
- HP regeneration when you sit
- 4 Trading posts
- no Winter
- campfire for bulk materials
- more storage in container


1. Map is divided into 4 Kingdoms: blue (island top left corner), green(island top right corner), purple(island bottom left corner),
yellow(buttom right corner). Main color of heraldry/tabard have to match with the kingdom color!
2. Center Island (Castle Claymore) is a non-PvP area. No fighting allowed here, except PvP action started outside of this area or
during events.
3. A maximum of 2 characters are allowed. Both must be in the same guild.
4. Maximum claim size is 15 accounts (max. 30 characters)
5. Uproot tree stumps and use the campfires for bulk material.
6. Request a role in the #request-role channel.


1. No buildings may be built in the red and pink marked areas on the livemap!
2. Bridges between islands may not be claimed or blocked.
3. Outpost are NOT allowed.
4. T4 monuments are NOT allowed.
5. Requirement to upgarde your monument: Tier2 at least 2 accounts in claim, Tier3 at least 5 accounts in claim.
6. "Stuck trenches" are not allowed. These are trenches in which you get stuck and only come out again via the /stuck command.
7. Each base must be accessible on foot / horse if the gates/drawbridges are open or destroyed. That means objects (e.g. bars)
must not serve as bridges. A trench may only be crossed using a drawbridge.
(Of course attackers are allowed to cross trenches with objects like tables, etc...)


1. Play fair, have fun.
2. Kill on sight (KoS) 24/7 except center island.
3. no bug-using, glitches or exploits.
4. Spawnkilling is not allowed! If you don't want to be spawn killed, sit down.
5. Out of JH it is allowed to overcome walls/pallisades! During JH it is NOT allowed!
6. Alway wear a tabard. (can be bought at TP for 1 copper)


1. Destruction of monuments is not allowed.
2. During JH it is not allowed to overcome walls with objects, you have to destroy walls or gates to enter the base. Objects may be used
to overcome trenches and terraforming.
3. There is an offline protection. When no player of a claim is online, you canĀ“t enter the claim.
This protection takes effect 10 minutes after the last player was online.

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