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March 14th, 2017 10:29 AM EST

BLUF: If you believe these salty posters then don't come play on my server. It doesn't bother me.

For those interested in what happened here I will lay it out.

This group of players went around in the early days of the server banditing, including ambushing people while they were working on walls/claims, sneaking up and destroying partially built claims and wall hoping to mass slaughter parked horses. All these are perfectly allowed in the rules and when people asked me if it was okay I said yes it was I never took a single action so long as it did not cross into griefing. i told them if they wanted to stop it they needed to band together and stop it.

No rules or perks or anything are different for ANY player on the server. (some people are just better at following rules)

To point out some inaccuracies of the comments above. One WAS NOT the leader of a faction, just a claim leader although he liked to proclaim himself such and tried a very heartfelt political campaign in which he wrote a very entertaining decree about my player. It was all very good and had nothing to do with the decision to ban him. In fact it pained me to ban him because all the bias that he claims, HE created! He gave the player base a villain to hate. Almost every other major player on the server hated him due to his groups actions that they came to together without any nudging on my part. But he chooses to see this is my doing. Its easier to blame others for your mistakes right? The server has a public discord that goes with it that the majority of players go in. It inst even my discord. Most of the player base comes to me for rules or server features via discord or steam messages. yet this guy never did. He would just post in the forums that I was biased every server decision I made even though it was discussed with the player base first. After he threatened the health of the server by unleashing his "massive" gaming community on it in a shadow alt war I gave him TWO distinct warnings about falsely accusing GM bias. It was stated that if he made another false claim he would be banned without discussion. Then this incident in the video came up, and one of my GMs told him that she was looking into it. He proceeded to claim in global chat that what had happened was due to the GMs giving a specific group a perk. (which is impossible) and I don't really see what happened as a perk the victim gets killed twice with no defense, even after he tried to yield! So he again claimed GM bias publicly and started harassing my GM to ban the faction leader for exploiting. So yes he was banned after 3 times falsely accusing me and my GMs of bias after getting two warnings.

Then the other two people in his guild start talking to me in global as seen in the screen shot shown above, and as you can see I plainly state I wont discuss the ban in global and that they should drop it. What they don't show you in the screen shot is they proceeded to flame and insult me while I remained calm and collected. Yes one guy got heated and called me the Fhuror, this directly violates the first rule of the website which that user was registered on so he was banned and that doesn't require any further discussion.

The remaining guild member continued to flame and harass me in global chat telling me to ban him because he was leaving the server anyway. i said there's the door and ignored him. While he was being quite disrespectful in chat I didn't feel he crossed any lines and didn't ban him.

The next day i get reports of him and the remaining of the group running around claiming they were trying to drive people off the server and started griefing. Upon hearing these reports I consulted the database. The player base was calling for the banning of 4 players, 3 of which I deemed innocent of grief play but one (the very salty commentor above) showed this in the database:

That is taken from the database death log. It shows that player 413 killed player 112 4 times in a row, with a brief pause then 3 in rapid succession. This is evidence of spawn camping. So this evidence coupled with his claim of trying to harm the server and his disrespectful outburst the day prior landed him the ban. The other three have had no action taken against them and I have already set in motion the change of leadership so their claim can continue.

In short. One guy did not try to communicate anything about the server just wanted to cry GM bias every time something changed. Could not become a faction due to pissing the whole server off so he tried in game to assassinate the king of the ruling faction. When that failed he tried to have the king banned for exploiting then cried foul when he was not. Then his buddies attempted to force me into reversing the decision, one got him self banned with a comment, the other acted on his anger and broke rules. Hence the salty comments.

Have a nice day

March 13th, 2017 04:05 PM EST

Admin has a bias towards a specific group. Modifies and adds rules to benefit said group and hurt any other one. Looks the other way for his friends.