The long awaited Life is Feudal: Your Own update, and Franchise Sale on Steam!

Posted on September 3rd, 2018 12:56 PM EST
Yes, you read the title right! We are so excited to announce our latest Life is Feudal: Your Own update has dropped, filled with new features and tweaks, reworked luck mechanics and battle survival skill tweaks.
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Patch Notes (ver.
Important features and tweaks
  • Player owned horses that are left unattended in the world now take longer to decay (2 hours)
  • Reworked three gathering abilities (Search for something Edible, Search for Materials, Search for Herbs). All of these abilities work the same way as the original gathering of alchemy ingredients worked. ‘Targeting’ the tile triggers the visibility of corresponding plants in the area, which you now manually gather
  • Luck effects from different types of sources (jewelry, blessings and 5 ingredient foods) now have separate effect slots and stack separately
  • Movable objects can now be damaged by projectiles without a siege damage attribute
  • You can now rename unmovable objects
  • You can now give names to movable objects on your claimed lands - making your guild items management easier for everyone
  • Movable objects placed inside unmovable objects (warehouses, houses, keeps etc) can no longer be opened, looted or moved during JH raids. We’ve implemented this feature to prevent different types of exploits, which allowed players to squeeze into the warehouses and loot them while defenders were fighting elsewhere.
  • Incomplete buildings and objects now take significantly longer to decay and disappear. You can use the ‘Inspect’ ability on incomplete buildings to see their durability and how soon they will decay and disappear.
  • Reworked all shield visual geometry
  • Players should slip and fall down when they step on top of other players or horses
  • Minimum criminal status duration is now 10 seconds, giving you some time to hit the offender once or twice - make sure not to overdo it!
  • 5-ingredient food is now boosted. Eating complex foods like this will grant you an ‘Inspired work’ and ‘Luck’ effect and the duration of the effects depends on the quality of the food.
  • Resurrection sickness is now twice as long and healing effect duration is shorter, making it better to heal yourself now rather than dying
  • Warnings while looting graves should now work properly and warn you only if you really will lose the alignment upon looting

    --- Luck mechanics reworked---
  • Max luck on a character is now capped at 100 (originally 12)
  • Luck bonus on jewelry is increased 5x- this will only work on newly crafted jewelry
  • Luck bonus from skills at lvl 100 of training are increased up to 10
  • ‘Bless with a God's Love’ luck buff is increased to 8.5 (up to 10 on 100 lvl of the Piety skill)
  • 5-ingredient foods now provide up to 10 luck
  • The chance to craft an exceptional item has increased from 0.01% to 0.1%

  • Updated mature oak tree collisions so they can no longer form an impassable wall
  • Added FoV and Particle Settings to the Video Options of the game
  • Poisons tweaked so that they last longer (2 to 4 minutes) and the overall damage is also higher
  • Weapon tooltips slightly improved
  • Personal timers on horses are now properly ignored during JH

    --- ‘Battle Survival’ skill tweaks ---
  • Added a 60 second cooldown after ‘Fatal Hp Conversion’ proc
  • Skill raise from the ‘Fatal Hp Conversion’ ability was significantly increased
  • Luck now properly affects the chance of doubling the amount of fatal Hard HP damage that is transformed into Soft HP
  • Added a system message when the ‘Fatal Hp Conversion’ is triggered containing the information how luck affected this proc
  • Shields on the back should now properly lose durability upon being hit

    --- Beta Branch---

  • You can now choose between versions of YO that you want to play. If you want to stick to the latest update version, or choose the older one if you prefer. This can be done by right clicking on ‘Life is Feudal’- Properties - Beta.
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