Renfrewshire/New-Custom-Map-HINC Modded

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Hostname Renshire {PVE} Modded Server/New Map {HINC}
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 0 / 32
Location United States of America
Platform Windows
Registered by HowardInc
Registered since May 23rd, 2021 11:38 AM EST
Last update November 1st, 2022 11:27 AM EST

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About This Server

Come Join a knowledgeable player base that never stops learning from each other. 0-13k hours in the mix...Weekly an or Biweekly events... Along with a weekly drawing for a chance on coin.

• Background Images changed per Skills/Combat Skills 11/16/21
• Extra Water added when pulling from wells 9/29/2021
• Chance of payment Per Stump dug added 9/23/2021
• New in-game items added 9/19/2021
• Regional items added to recipes 9/3/2021
• Revamp player customization/clothing Added 9/3/2021
• Revamp of herb garden's added 9/1/2021
• Muted Barn Sounds for cow's / Sheep~ Added 8/21/2021
• Camp Fire mod Installed
• Bell Tower now makes a Bell Ringing Sound~~Hot fixed 8/21/2021
• Binding to Keep/Small Keep/ As home
• increased weight on horse carts from 3,000 stones to 5,000 stones
• increased weight on small plaster warehouses & wooden from 15 K stones to 25 K stones
• increased weight on large warehouses from 50 K stone to 100 K
• Auto lighting floor lamps along with brazers/torches/fire pots/ "Burning heads added 11/12/2021"
• Actions speeds increased
• Dirt Fall off increased
• no qlt drop on gathering herbs&Mats
• Trade Post mod installed on Server
• Shop items added to Trade Post
• Inventory added to Bottle rack
• Inventory added to Wall Shelf
• inventory added to decorated table
• Allowed Small repair kits to be placed in Barrels
• Slate/Marble/Stone Road paving falloff numbers changed
• Pristine Herb's set to getting 2 Quantity other than 1
• Plant Fiber Set to getting 25-38 other than 1-5
• Flint Stone Set to getting 5 other than One
• Sling Ammo set to getting 15 other than 10
• Jorvik Mod Installed " HINC" edited