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Posted on June 5th, 2015 08:56 AM EST
Life is Feudal : Your Own has been updated to version on Steam.

Dear players! According to your responses votes[] we are releasing a slightly unfinished version of basic horse mechanics. They are stable and you should not have any serious issues with them - still, it is Early Alpha after all, so be prepared for anything. We have warned you! 

Along with horses, we are presenting alcohol brewing (mead and honey making will be introduced later). Alcohol is a necessary ingredient in alchemy and excessive use of spiced alcohol will result in certain effects for your character ;) We all know that a large amount of alcohol might lead to some bar brawls, that is why we have implemented unarmed combat: a good way to solve your disputes without killing someone accidentally! 

Alchemy potions are now in fact alcoholic cocktails, which can provide you with a set of positive or negative effects. These can also be used to poison melee weapons! 

Jewelry now provides you with an increased “Luck” effect, and affects almost EVERY action that you perform in your world. Now is a good time for you to level up your Jewelsmith skill! 

Oh, and we have a weeklong -40% discount for our game. This could be the last chance to get a HUGE discount on our game before we have our full release launch. Make sure to let your friends know! 

Patch notes (ver. 
    New features:
  • Horses mechanics are partially released. You can tame and breed horses and use a new building to train them into warhorses for riding 
  • Unarmed combat is implemented. It is available for everyone, but it can only be somewhat effective with a high level of Unarmed skill. Disarming of polearm weapons with unarmed parrying has been implemented 
  • Alcohol brewing crafting chain is implemented. Look out for new Brewing tank object in your construction menu 
  • The wine press can now be used to squash apples and grapes to produce raw materials for a Brewing Tank 
  • The cooking pot can be used to produce malt for further beer brewing in a Brewing tank 
  • You need any bottle of alcohol now to finish creation of your alchemy potion. Alchemy potions are now called “cocktails” 
  • Cocktails (ex. potions) will now give positive or negative effects upon drinking and can be used to poison your melee weapons 
  • Placeholder alcohol intoxication (“Full”) visual effect implemented 
  • Some crafting outfits now provide a significant bonus to several crafting skill values 
  • Luck now can be increased by wearing jewelry. Luck affects almost all crafting and combat abilities and actions now 
  • Tamable wild horses now appear in the wilderness 
    Bug fixes: 
  • Fixed a recent bug with some terrain textures appearing black and some fields becoming paved roads and vice versa. Server maintenance must be performed to have these textures fixed 
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to stack unit formation bonuses that resulted in an imbalanced amount of positive effects 
  • Fixed camera bobbing in some cases, especially during melee combat 
  • Fixed some cases where you were unable to see the blocking/parrying animation of your enemy properly 
  • Numerous minor fixes

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