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Posted on June 11th, 2015 05:40 PM EST
Life is Feudal : Your Own has been updated to version on Steam.

This patch is mostly devoted to fixing several old and new bugs in Life is Feudal. We have also implemented collision detection of your hands with your victim - so if you swing your two-handed sword against your enemy at a point blank range, you will hit them slightly with your hands, rather than missing completely and performing a full swing into nothing. Clinching some two-handed weaponry is a more viable tactic now ;) 

Patch notes (ver. 

New features:
  • Added player arm hit detection system that works while performing swings with any weapons 
  • Added beehives mechanics. Honey can now be extracted from beehives every morning. More about beehives: 
  • Implemented mead alcohol production 
  • Repair ability no longer decreases Maximum durability of buildings and objects 
  • Any 2 handed pole weapon can now be disarmed with unarmed combat 
  • Changed camera behavior on horses, on foot and in “overlook mode” (hold V) 
Bug fixes:
  • Provided a fix for random crashes while connecting and loading other worlds 
  • Fixed bleeding wounds blood loss speed to more adequate levels 
  • Horses should properly execute walking and running animations now 
  • Fixed client crash related with invitation to guild 
  • Horse sounds should no longer loop after its death

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