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Posted on October 15th, 2015 09:34 AM EST
Life is Feudal : Your Own has been updated to version on Steam with the "disconnect" functionality.

Patch notes:

New features and tweaks:
  • Implemented “disconnect” button, that allows you to disconnect from a certain server in order to connect to another 
  • Resources that grow on trees (branches, apples, bark etc.) are now properly replenished every game day 
  • Quality growth while breeding animals is reduced
Bug fixes:
  • Significantly reduced visual movement lag of other players and animals 
  • Fixed local server start sequence with specified password or custom port. 
  • Added some additional logging to local server start process in order to fix issues that prevent some players to start a local world properly 
  • Guild members’ personal claims can now be overridden by a Guild Leader, if claimed objects are on the claimed land 
  • Cocktails and preparations can now be properly traded via barter dialogue without losing their effects 
  • Fixed cow/bull ratio while breeding them in stables 
  • Fixed blessings to work properly now 
  • Using a lance in combat will raise the Lancing skill now, instead of Mounted Fighting Mastery 
  • Equip maintain ability now works on throwing weapons 
  • Debug render is now allowed only for GMs 
  • Volley stamina drain fixed 
  • You can now fertilize soil tiles up to 100Q with 100Q Dung 
  • You will now receive alert messages while trespassing on a mount 
  • Kiln Bellows can now be blown by anyone 
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to raise Warhorse handling without spending anything 
  • Fixed bug that provided a pupil with a skill when mentor had a lower amount of that skill himself 
  • Fixed orange angel wings (2 saws with orange texture equipped on the back) 
  • Diagonal walls blocked tiles pattern changed (removed unnecessary blocked tile)

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